Saroj Joshi

Vice Principal Message

Education is not simply the transmission of knowledge. It is not simply the development of talent. Education is the great enterprise of steadily and surely passing on the fullness of humanity from the past to the future.

Each one of us has a unique mission in life that only we can fulfill. A clear sense of purpose gives rise to courage and wisdom, which helps us to see things in their true perspective. Discovering this purpose or mission is a lifelong task. Nothing is more crucially important today, than the kind of humanistic education that enables people to realize their mission in life, i.e. to appreciate the infinite potential in each person’s life, and to cultivate that dormant human potential to the fullest. At MPS International, it is our constant endeavour to empower our children by providing the right environment, right training and the opportunities to recognize their inherent talents and unique abilities. When we treat children with respect, they in turn learn how to respect other human beings. Praising children is not pampering them. In a stress-filled society, words that warm the heart are more significant than ever. They sustain and strengthen, inspiring them to strive toward personal growth. “It is not how you compare to others that is important, but rather how you compare to who you were yesterday. If you’ve advanced even one step, then you’ve achieved something great.” We can realize our purpose in life by doing our very best where we are and by asking ourselves, “What should I do?” and “What can I do?” One who stands up with moral courage and conviction can change society and create waves of transformation around the world. Only when we learn to channel the energy we direct toward winning over others into winning over ourselves can we begin to develop our humanity.