Safety Measures

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 CA. Radha Mohan Maheshwari (Kacholia) Chairman
2 Mr. Ajay Kumar, Parent Member
3 Mr. Dharmendra Jha, Parent Member
4 Mr. Hemant Verma, Parent Member
5 Mr. Kan Singh, Teacher Member
6 Mr. Rajendra Singh, Sub-Inspector Member
7 Ms. Alka Bhargava, Staff Representative Member
8 Ms. Archana Singh, Principal Secretary
9 Ms. Saroj Joshi, Vice-Principal Member
10 Ms. Savita Jain, Teacher Member


Sr. No Name For Classes Contact No.
1. Mr. Satya Narayan Sarda I to V 8003495316
2. Mr. Prakash Kahlya (Maheshwari) VI to VIII 9414062874
3. Mr. Nawal Kishore Jhanwar IX to XI 9928334010

The school has taken following measures to enhance the security of children in MPS International
Character verification of the entire staff employed from the Police.
Functional CCTV cameras are installed throughout the school premises.

  • Entry and exit points of the school
  • All corridors and staircases
  • Library, infirmary, auditorium, cafeteria
  • Inside elevators
  • Sports rooms, Science, language, Computer Labs
  • Entrance &  inside classrooms
  • Entrance to toilets
  • Sports fields
  • Areas where buses assemble
  • Inside the School bus.

  • We have supporting staff employed only from authorized agencies and proper records are maintained.
  • Record of outside visitors are kept and monitored.
  • We provide training and development for staff to address their responsibilities to protect children from any form of abuse.
  • Children are allowed to go to washroom in group of 2-3 children.
  • The school ensures Mental & Physical health check up of the staff employed and proper records are maintained.
  • Complaint & Suggestion boxes are placed at the reception area as well on different floors. A record of all the suggestions & complaints are maintained and proper action is taken on time.

  • The supporting staff is on toes to observe and take a round in every 30 minutes outside the washroom.
  • We have deputed female helpers/cleaners/Guards during the school hours. Male helpers are  allowed to work at the campus and inside the school only after the school is over.
  • Every dark area, water tanks, electric panels, stores are locked and children are not allowed to access such isolated areas.
  • A safety Audit will be conducted, a record of which will be maintained and submitted to Management, CBSE & Supreme Court.
  • We believe in repeated and intensive training of teachers, to guide them and update them to understand the behavior of the children.
  • Children are taught to differentiate between "good touch/bad touch" and encouraged to speak out at the first instance. Also a movie "KOMAL" is shown to the children to understand in a better manner.
  • A nurse is deputed in the Infirmary for the children and  record of students is maintained.
  • Regular & periodic psychological counseling sessions for students in the school is conducted.
  • School bus is painted with yellow colour with the name of the school written prominently on both sides of the bus so that these can be identified easily. Telephone number of the school is written in a prominent place so that in case of necessity the public can inform the school authority/police or other authorities. The doors of the Bus are  fitted with reliable locks that can be locked. A fire extinguisher and a First Aid Box is always present in the school bus.
  • There is a trained attendant in the Bus to attend to Children. We have hired women bus attendant on the bus, as an additional safety feature for girls.
  • Medical check up regarding the physical fitness of the driver including the eye testing is made every year.
  • School bus have GPRS and CCTV Cameras
  • We  ensure that buses halt only at bus stops designated for the purpose and within the marked area.
  • We encourage our children to conduct programmes through play, exhibition etc. during Road Safety Week to create an awareness in public.
  • Periodic feed-back from students using school Transport facility with regards to driver/conductor is taken and record is maintained.